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The Nature of Life

This is an article I’ve adapted for you by Dr. Patrick Gentempo who is one of the greatest thinkers in healthcare today. Enjoy! -Dr. Rook

In order to succeed in chiropractic and creating wellness it is critical to have a foundational understanding as to the nature of life. This is especially true with regard to health.

The first thing you need to understand is that you are born to develop, heal, adapt and thrive. You don’t need drugs to do it. You don’t need surgery to do it. You have a life force that directs the whole process. This principle forms the major premise of chiropractic which states “There is a Universal Intelligence in all matter, constantly
giving to it its properties and actions, thereby maintaining it in existence.”

It is also important to understand that life is conditional. This means that if the conditions of life are not properly met, its expression will be limited, and if the condition contains enough severe negative stress, life will cease.

Now, if we look to apply these concepts, it makes sense that we make our best efforts to work with these principles—and that is exactly what the chiropractic lifestyle does.

We take positive action on the things that we know support and enhance life, and we act to eliminate things that take life away. This is no easy task, and I salute you for making this incredible commitment to chiropractic and create wellness in your life, a commitment that should continue as a lifestyle for your lifetime!

Action Step: What I want you to do this week is pay close attention to what you do, and see if it contributes to or takes away from your well-being. This will enhance the health giving quality of your life’s practices.

Now that you have a better understanding of the principles of life, along with the resources Dr. Rook provides, you will begin making better decisions for you and the ones you love.

Thank you for your commitment to Reclaim Your Life, and remember—you are not alone.

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    great job guys! Good to hear some straight talk. I am snptpieg up to the district presidency of the Mahahattan district of the NY Chiropractic Council. We are a pricipled based organization and you message is in tune with ours!. I would love to have you guys speak at a meeting if you ever travel to NYC! We do not get any money for district meetings but I can usually scrape up a sponsor to cover hotel and some travel expenses. You do get the oportunity to plug AMC! we meet the first Wednesday of every month and are looking to fill our 2011 calander. Any way contact me if you have interest and I will be sure spread te word about your podcasts to my local doctors. be well!

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      Rook Torres

      Thanks! We feel the love, thanks for the shot out!

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